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How do I activate/restore my Subscription?

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2016 02:17PM EDT

This thread is for anyone having trouble activating a new or renewed subscription, or restoring an existing subscription.

From time to time the Oggl subscription doesn't seem to 'take' right away, but no worries! There are a couple of tricks that usually restore it right away. 

Please try the following steps:

Start by opening Oggl and going to your Profile screen.  Tap the little gear icon in the upper left.  Tap your Hipstaccount at the top, and then tap the option to 'Log out of your Hipstaccount'. Then tap 'Logout' to confirm. That's all you need to do in Oggl for the moment.

Then, up the Settings app on your phone. 

Scroll down and find the Oggl entry and go into there. 

Set the Clear Caches option to ON, and leave it that way. 

Then do a quick shut down of Oggl, so that it can pick up the changed setting the next time it starts. 

If you're not familiar with the app shutdown process, here's all you need to do: 

- start with your phone *not* connected to your computer 
- unlock your phone 
- press your devices' home button to take you back to your main screen
- double click the home button, to bring up the background apps as a series of screenshots on your screen
- swipe upward on the screenshot to close the app

(you may want to take that same opportunity to close all your background apps. It'll free up memory and you'll be amazed at how many you had running) 

Then reboot your phone, as noted.

Then launch Oggl and log back in with your Hipstaccount. It should now show you as a Member. 

If not, here's two more quick tips to try: 

1) Go to your Profile screen in Oggl. Tap on your name (to the left of your @handle) and make a change to the text… even a single letter. Then save that change. Then do the same and resave your correct name. That should refresh your profile on the server, causing the subscription to kick in.

2) Tap the ‘Member’ badge on your profile – this should force a refresh of your subscription and ‘activate’ it.

3) Bring up the membership prompt again (by trying to use members-only gear or by tapping the banner in the Gear Shop)

That *should* get things going for you, but if not please send us an email and let us know. Please include your Hipstaccount email address as well as your Oggl handle, and we'll get our tech support person to take a look at your account for you.

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